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The Barstrom Labeler is the leader of In-Line Labeling. Originally developed to apply promotional and "complimentary issue" labels in line with a press or inserter, the Barstrom Labeler was soon redesigned to apply mail labels at press speed.

The "Zip Code Sorter" allows the labeler to take full control of your stacker and produce "zoned" bundles ready for distribution. With over 300 installations, the Barstrom Labeler has proven its versatility in virtually all conceivable mailroom styles.

With the recent boom in front page advertising, the Barstrom Labeler can now apply removable advertising such as 3M Post-It Notes, game pieces, temporary membership cards and more. For more information on specific advertising products available for use with the Barstrom Labeler, visit  KennedyGRP.com.

The Barstrom Labeler applies mailing and promotional labels on a shingled stream of products using a non-contacting Laser sensor. The sophisticated electronics and high speed clutching system allow the Labeler to cycle in excess of 70,000 Labels per Hour.

On-The-Run label placement as well as user friendly adjustments are packed in an easy to operate control panel with diagnostic LED's for quick troubleshooting. The convenient rollaway pedestal allows the operator to have the controls within reach at all times.

The application of Post-it? Notes and removable labels requires almost no change over from traditional mail labels.

Sorting is made easy with the Barstrom Zip Code Sorter. Allowing full control over virtually all mailroom stackers.

As the shingled stream of products passes beneath the Laser copy sensor, a pulse is generated by the leading edge. This pulse initiates the labeling sequence causing the label web to advance. The label passes over a "peel off" plate thus exposing the label. At this point the label is affixed to the product by an adjustable roller. The backing paper is simultaneously removed and rewound or dumped.

Label placement is adjustable in both directions. Lateral positioning is accomplished by mechanical adjustments. Longitudinal adjustments are performed electronically on the run.

Type of Label: Self-adhesive die cut labels
Label Width: 1 inch Min. to 5 inch Max.
Labeling Rate: Automatically synchronized to press speed up to 70,000 papers/hour.
Accuracy: Plus or Minus 1/8" contingent upon quality of shingled stream.
Electrical Req.: 115 Volt AC, 1 PH, 60 HZ
Approx. Dims.: Length: 30"
Width: 16"
Height: 36"
Weight: 65 lbs.


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